Yokohama - Past & Present
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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I have obtained excellent old pictures to
share with you comparing with present ones.

Courtesy of Trudy PAUL DelGregg.
1931 picture - Bluff Nr. 234 where Trudy's father lived. Immediately beyond Nr. 234 is
Yamate Christ Church. Original built in 1862 and was rebuilt in 1901 present location, was
destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake. Rebuilt in 1931.
2005 picture (right) both Christ Church and
Bluff Nr. 235 hidden behind the tree.
1931 picture - Bluff Nr. 234
and Trudy's father in the car.
Right 2005, don't see those
trees in 1931 picture!

Nr. 234, quadruplet apartment built in
1927 for foreign residents. In 1989 it
was acquired by the City of Yokohama
and refurbished to its original condition
and is open to public.

From Eastley collection:
Bruce W. Eastley, graduate class of 1956.
Picture circa 1953
Canal behind Motomachi. Picture taken from
Maedabashi bridge looking toward Yatobashi bridge.
Circa 1953
China Town BACK NEXT Yamashita Park