Yokohama - China Town
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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Walk through China Town. Picture taken on weekday, hot summer day.
Normally on weekends the place is crowded with sightseers.

Map of China Town, noted in red figures are the approximate place pictures were taken.
(1) Choyo-mon (gate). At far right end is the New Grand Hotel. Foreground right more high rise condos!
(2) Ichiba Dori-mon (gate). Former market (ichiba) street.
(3) Kainkaku restaurant, evening and weekends the place is lined with customers waiting for seat. This restaurant, as far as I know, did not renovate.
(4) This restaurant operated by younger brother of Charlie Woo. Renovated and expanded its premises.
(5) China Town street are cleaner looking, they removed telephone poles, street paved and side street with flower pots.
(6) Manchinro restaurant, one of the oldest and doing well. According to my classmate the owner is very rich!
(7) Zenrin-mon. This can be said as the main gate to the China Town main street.
(8) Chinese Temple.
(9) New building that opened few years ago housing many small restaurants and they have a show time as well.
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