Yokohama - Yamashita Park
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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Here we go again, New Grand Hotel, English House and Yamashitakoen
Note: For New Grand Hotel drawing, the Annex Tower should be on the left side.
(1) New Grand Hotel, built in 1927. Annex Tower, built in 1991.
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(2) Nr. 7 English House
This building, formerly known as English House Nr. 7, constructed circa 1922, tells us what Yokohama's foreign residential area once looked like. It is the only foreign trading house remaining from before the Great Kanto Earthquake. Presently, "Peace Memorial Hall". Next or behind the Nr. 7 house is the "Sokagakkai" religious group's building. Peace Memorial Hall also belongs to Sokagakkai. Was this the location of the former Standard Oil building?
(3) Right foreground is The Yokohama Novotel (The Hotel Yokohama)
former American Consulate site, English House Nr. 7 and New Grand Hotel tower in the background.
(4) Yamashitakoen Dori Avenue.
Yokohama port, Mt. Fuji and Minatomirai (MM21) with Landmark tower, the tallest building in Japan.
Passenger liners, foregound. I believe it was Oriana berthed at Yamashita Pier, Queen Elizabeth II at Osanbashi and Asuka at Domestic Passener Pier or Center Pier as some of you oldies remember, can be seen at far right next to the Intercontental Hotel.
(5) Yamashitakoen park, with Hikawa-maru.
Hikawa-maru: 11,622 gross tonnage, built in 1927.
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(6) Yamashitakoen, New Grand Hotel and Marine Tower.
(7) Man feeding sea-gull.
In the background, a passenger liner is berthed at Osanbashi.
(8) Yamashitakoen, Intercontinental Hotel and Osanbashi.
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