Date: Tuesday, October 11 2005, 09:43:43 (-0700)

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends of SJC/SJIS,

It gives me a great pleasure to send my fond greetings to you all
through the new website of SJIS Alumni Association USA Chapter.

This website has been established mainly for the purpose of sharing
information relating to our dear alma mater and is open to all of you,
whether you live in the U.S., Japan, Europe or other parts of the world.
You are encouraged to send in news items, materials, photos with captions
such as class reunions, etc. which you wish to share with us all.
We would also welcome any suggestions and/or ideas in order to further
improve our website in future.
"Forward with Faith and Fortitude"

Sincerely yours,
George V. de Couto (Class of '52)

SJIS Alumni Association USA Chapter Official Message