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2007 Mega Reunion
Los Angeles - Nov. 10, 2007
Honolulu Mini-Reunion in honor of Fr. Jim and Bro. Joe - Sunday, July 30, 2006

Seated (L-R): Tony Ngai '68, Leonard Couzijn '69, Fr. Jim Mueller, Bro. Joe Scheible, Rene Yango '58, Dietrich Bombach '66, Bro. Robert Maruyama '57
Standing (L-R): Tom Haar '60, Louie Yango '58, Hctor Yango '62
June 24, 2006 - Los Angeles
Reunion Luncheon
October 8, 2005 - Los Angeles

Some USA Chapter members gather for a luncheon to
welcome Fr. Mueller to California.
Front row, L to R:
Fr. James Mueller, Jack Nakano '51, Elizabeth Haugen (S. Maria)
Back row, L to R:
George de Couto '52, Paul Horio '55, Lawrence Ebihara '54,
Willy Da Silva Takimoto '55, Betty de Couto, Yolande Loo Sur
(S. Maria), Kien Sien '70, Ayaz Yusuf '56
September 24, 2005

1966 classmates Dan Moreno, Ed Nagatoshi and
Simon Tse visiting Bro. Joseph Wasy in Cupertino

NOTE: Please see below for more info about Bro. Wasy.
Bro. Wasy
Marianist Senior Residence
22840 Mercedes Road
Cupertino, CA 95014-3920
Bro. Joe Wasy, at 87, has been at the Marianist Senior
Residence in Cupertino, for the past four years.
He has been suffering from Parkinson's,
deteriorating eyesight, and is recuperating from a
recent gall bladder operation. For those who may
want to visit, call, send him gifts or write to him
directly, please refer to the info on the left.

* The SJIS Alumni Association has posted a letter
received from Bro. Joe some months ago at
sjcalumni.com .
SJC/St. Maur Luncheon
Los Angeles - July 2, 2005
1st Row: Eufemia Vega (S.M.), Peter Tanaka '65, Mary Rose Kawaratani '51, Elizabeth Haugen'75 (S. Maria), Eduardo Da Silva '54, Andre Da Silva '57
2nd Row: Ida Lozares Shimizu '60 (S.M.), Emie Chen Tsang '60 (S.M.), May Hsieh Hayashi '62 (S.M.), Jack Nakano '51, George De Couto '52, Shirley Ige '52
Standing: Jimmy Walker '58, Willy Da Silva Takimoto '55,
Tom Haar '60, Shun Shindo '65, Jimmy Hatanaka '53,
Richard Liu '64, Harumi Chen Yoshiike '62 (S.Maur),
Charles Houghton '52, Ruben Evangelista '75, Betty de Couto,
Ayaz Yusuf '56, Mrs. Celly Alonso, "Tako" Mashkotseff '52,
Denis Alonso '51, Julio Rangel '52, Paul Horio '55,
Michael Sun '65, Lawrence Ebihara '54
More pictures from the July 2005 L.A. Luncheon
San Francisco Gathering - June 25, 2005

June 23, 2005

Ayaz Yusuf '56 and Ken Suzuki '53 visiting
Bro. Joe Wasy in Cupertino
Hawaii Mini Reunion - June 4, 2005

from top left to right:
Tom Haar '60*, Boon Oyama '66, Thomas Maadie '82*,
Hector Yango '62*, Joe Hale '54*, Shinken Naitoh '74
Dec. 18, 2003

Letter from Bro. Enrique Zabala in Guatemala
January 12, 2002 - Los Angeles

New Year Gathering
of the USA Chapter
Sept. 16, 2001 - Los Angeles

A gathering in L.A. for
Leo Minenko (front center) '52,
visiting from Melbourne, Australia
July, 2000

Bro. Joseph Wasy in Honolulu with Hisayoshi Ishibashi
'38 of "Kikuya", his grandson Yasuhiro Ishibashi '00,
and Tom Haar '60
Last gathering at SJIS - June 4, 2000

The Statue of the Virgin Mary was moved to the
Foreign Cemetery to a site overlooking the graves
of departed former faculty.
February 19, 2000

SJIS Mega Millennium Reunion
Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel,
Los Angeles, with over
400 participants.
Reunion in Hawaii with Bro. Wasy - 11/13/99

Group photo taken at the
Panda Restaurant in Hawaii
November 9, 1996

Alumni gather at the Akasaka Hanten Restaurant
on occasion of Bro. Paul Boeckerman's visit to L.A.,
(seated, second from right)
March 16, 1996

Jack Nakano and George De Couto
showing Bro. Paul's seat at a gathering in L.A.
Summer, 1985

Joint St. Maur's/St. Joseph Reunion in Tokyo

submitted by George Lavrov '59
Bro. Wasy Brother Paul Boeckerman, SM
SJC faculty, Society of Mary
RUBBERBAND Rock Band Rubberband (1999)
John Mikami, Class of '71 & others
Father Akira Laurent Tsuda, SM, Class of '50
priest, Society of Mary
Willy Okiyama Willy Okiyama (William James Naraindas), Class of '55
Official Website
Chef Hiroshi Fukui
Hiroshi Fukui, Class of '84
chef/owner, Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas, Honolulu
Restaurant Page
Isamu Noguchi
Isamu Noguchi, Class of '21*
sculptor, architect
Charles J. Pederson
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1987
Charles J. Pederson, Class of '22