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Sports Day, Smaller Boys' Division, 1914

with Alfred Agajan as a Second Grader

submitted by Sandy Sakai Agajan
Sports Day, May 10, 1921

The 1921, 1923 and 1926 photos were
submitted by Henry Mittwer, Class of 1935.
All three groups are with Bro. Andre Higli.
Jan. 20, 1922

Bro. Gaschy and the IBS Troop 1 greet
Marshall Joseph Joffre at the Pier.
Joffre is the French "Hero of the Marne," during W.W. I.
The following day, Joffre visited our school.
This picture was reproduced in the IBS Troop 1 Golden Jubilee booklet.
Sports Day, 1922

28 xerox pages of photos were sent by Sandy Sakai Agajan,
daughter-in-law of Alfred Agajan, Class of 1925.
(Charles Pederson, Class of 1922, top left)
Waiting for scans of original photos.
Sports Day, May 15, 1923
Grade Schoolers, Spring, 1926

1933/34 First Grade Class with Mr. Andre  Higli
- Two photos submitted by Christophe Higli, his great grand-nephew

Mr. Andre  Higli

St. Maur's student body with 5 SJC kindergarteners:

First row, 4th from left - Dorothea Lang,
teacher on right - Lumilla Cordes (Lala Balabuschkin)
Second row, from the left -
Vladimir Chuklantseff, Victor Lavrov,
George Cheng, 3rd & 4th from right -
Lena Belyaeff, Antonia Belyaeff Werner,
far right - Miriam Tse.
Third row, third from left - Liza Odinstova,
third from right - Genevieve da Silva.
Top row, right - Nuriya Seday.

submitted by George Lavrov '59.
1941 Field Day

Submitted by Ariel Shapiro '44
1941 Field Day

Submitted by Ariel Shapiro '44
First Graders, Class of 1954

top: _____, Carl Schneider, Julio Rangel, Vladimir "Vova" Chuklantseff, Hans Metzger, Bro. Andre Higli
middle: Victor Lavrov, _____, Tom Cochran, Bernardo "Bonzo" Fernandes, George Cheng
bottom: Willy Da Silva, Timothy & Eduardo Da Silva,..."

submitted by George Lavrov '59
1943 Field Day
John Krantz '43, star athlete

submitted by Ariel Shapiro '44
SJC faculty and students, December, 1943
submitted by Joji Okamoto (George Mitchell),
Class of '45, top row, 4th from right

Faculty Row, from the left:
Henry Donker-Curtius (student), Mr. Paul Grosser,
Mr. Joseph Gaessler, Mr. Charles Imhoff, Mr. Edward Assel,
Fr. Francois Xavier Rusch, Fr. Alphonse Ulrich,
Mr. Andre Higli, Mr. Albert Haegeli, Mr. Charles Coutret,
Mr. Joseph Mutschler, Mr. Celestin Rambach,
Alfred Agajan, Mr. Albert Bletzacker, Mr. Alphonse Mistler,
Mr.. Xavier Bertrand, Mr. Leo Kraft..
Graduation Exercises, July 2, 1944
Gora, Hakone

Left to right:
(Standing) George Minenko, Ariel Shapiro, Joseph Shapiro,
(Seated) Jorge da Silva, Mr. Albert Haegeli, James Fischer

submitted by Ariel Shapiro '44

Following 4 photos submitted by John Lipset '53*


Friday morning chapel services,
with Fr. Francis Gerber
Grade School Sodality 1948/49

1st row: Francis Oki, Arthur Sato, Hugo Hata, Theodore Minenko, Takamura, Featherstone, David Gardner, Willy Naraindas
2nd row: Thomas Mizuo, Joe Da Silva, J. Ching, Biji Kuroda, Hans Schulze, Michael Babushikin, Hans Metzger, Robert Onami, ???
3rd row: Otto Sevaldsen, Joe Hale, T. Kitao, James Henry(Goto), Victor Lavrov, ???, Collins, John Lipset
4th row: Paul Horio, Joseph Kanai, Timothy Da Silva, J. Hagen, Willy Da Silva, Francis Iwasawa, Edward Da Silva, Bernardo Fernandes, Gary Suzuki.
1948/49, Eighth Grade Class

from top left:
K. Suzuki, J. Lipset, J. Lovejoy, K. Kitao, E. Lang
V. Lavrov, A. Sato, J. Da Silva, H. Hata, P. Owens
M. Tachikawa, J. Kuroda, R. Moftahdin, H. Schulze
1948/49, Combined 8th & 9th Grades

1st row: Ken Suzuki, Erhardt Lang, John Lipset, Victor Lavrov, George Sidline, George Cheng.
2nd row: Hugo Hata, Dorothea Lang, Antonia Belyaeff, Fay Papendieck, Nazira Morozoff, Genny Horio, Peggy Fernandes, Julio Rangel
3rd row: Charles Houghton, Takamura, Peter Owens, Hans Schulze, Iwao Koyama, Wong Chang, Tachikawa, Eric Sevaldsen
4th row: Leo Minenko, Gerhardt Conrad Tamura, Makarov, Kazuo Ota, Max Yamaguchi, John Saito, Yuji Yasukawa, Rauf Moftahdin, Constantine Mashkoftseff
5th row: John Lovejoy, Genadi Anseroff, John Arcouet, Edmundo da Silva, Joe Da Silva, Chen Fa, Arthur Sato, Joseph Yamaguchi, Tony Iwata
December, 1948.
First Graders, Class of 1960

submitted by George Lavrov '59
1950 Sodality photo, submitted by George de Couto.
From top left: J. Okamoto '51, Yoshio Ohmaye '50,
Frank Moss '50, Peter Yoshizawa '51, M. Loes '51,
George de Couto '52, John Saito'52, John Kuroda '53,
Francis de Britto '51, Hugo Hata '53,
Edmundo da Silva '52, Julio Rangel '52, A. Momiyama '51,
Hans Schulze '53, Paul Imaizumi '50, James Akata '52,
Raymond Elked '50, Joseph Da Silva '53.
Seated: Joseph Yamaguchi '51, T. Kitao '52,
H. Fernandes '52, James Mayes '51, Akira Tsuda '50,
Steve Osako '50, Shig Ito '52, John Wei '50,
Jack Nakano '51, A. Shibusawa '53.
Below: John Arcouet '52, Frederick Da Silva '50,
Francis Uriu '51, Arthur Sato '53.
Following photos submitted by Tom Haar '60

Spring, 1950

Class of '60's Second Grade Excursion to
Aburatsubo with Mrs. Murakami.

Photo taken across from YCAC, 1952

(left to right)  Guilherme gGillyh da Silva, Marie Josephine gSumih da Silva (parents of Genevieve f50, Eduardo & Timothy f54, and Andre f57), Marie-Louise Rangel (mother of Julio f52), Minerva gVinah Rangel (sister), Bro. Francis Tribull, Bro. Charles Imhoff

-subimitted by Julio Rangel e52

April 24, 1954

SJC School Choir performing at the
International Children's Festival
at the Ernie Pyle Theater, Tokyo.
May 16, 1954

SJC Choir wins top prize at
International Music Contest,
with Bro. Eulogio Corcuera,
(third from right) choirmaster.
Spring, 1955

Confirmation Day with godfathers
Shingo Nishikawa '59 and Joseph Hay '56,
with Second Graders Peter Tanaka, Romero Yamaoka
and Third Grader Jean Rigod, etc.

Yokohama City Baseball Champions
Third Grade Soccer Team, Class of 1966

Top: T. Enderle, T. Okada, G.Chu, T. Hsia,
R. Muto, K. Ching
Bottom: F. Cogo, C. Homma, D. Moreno,
I. Walker, C. Oyama, R. Moody

submitted by Vince Perpetuo '66

Confirmandi and Godparents
Confirmation Day at Sacred Heart

submitted by Vince Perpetuo '66
Kyoto Excursion, Class of 1958

From the left: Chang Kun, Eugene Chen,
conductor, Kwan Chang, Bro. James Masur,
Kenneth Tong, Howard Lee, John Aoki,
Anthony Shimizu, Stacy Akiyama, Augustine
Koizumi, Taneshiro Yamamoto, William Mahr,
Jack Yamaguchi, Yuri Belonogoff, Franz Metzger,
Yip Kai Lum, Bro. Peter Dames
October, 1958

International Boy Scouts Troop 1, with
Bro. John Sullivan, scoutmaster, and
Bro. James Masur, senior scout advisor,
bottom center

submitted by Tom Haar '60.
December, 1958

Combined Meeting of Sodalities
of St. Maur's and St. Joseph,
with Fr. Francis Gerber presiding

submitted by Tom Haar '60.
Confirmation Day, ca. 1958

Recognizable faces:
Bro. Leo with camera - left; Fr. Pila - center;
Fr. Zeinz - close to top

submitted by Hans Enderle '58
April, 1967

Bro Leo, Vince Perpetuo, Bro. Imhoff

submitted by Vince Perpetuo '66