Yokohama - Motomachi
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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Motomachi as seen today.
Road, side walk, lamp post, signage have all been renovated.

Map showing approximate area
where pictures were taken, in bracket
from (1) to (11).
(1) Entrance to Motomachi
(2) For those of you who commuted by SHIDEN, this is the area where tram station for Motomachi was located. From here you went up that stairs leading to Ferris girls school. Man, when you are late that was some climbing!
(3) German Bakery? This was the location, no more German Bakery here at Motomachi and so with other places. I think there is one left, if I am right at Den-enchofu, not sure. Some of you, after school, went to the German Bakery to play your own records .... in 1950s.
(4) On right is the UNION supermarket, the place is nicely renovated a year or so ago. See the road, side
side with flowers..
(5) Proximity of Hill Pharmacy
(6) Kikuya
(7) Even benches to rest!
(8) Map showing locations of shops.
(9) Looking from the other end of Motomachi toward the main entrance, or where tram used to run.
Around mid-point is Kikuya.
(10) Yatobashi, bridge, with express way built above the canal.
(11) Yatobashi toward Sakuragicho station. As can be seen many high rise condos jotting both sides of the road, the one on right is the latest one.
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